Independent label: Gus Records was a label dedicated to Dance music, of the Square and Barn variety. Gus Records managed at least eight singles, 'Julie' by the Maverick Square Dance Band (JDC-003/004) and three EPs by Ben Burpp's Barn Dance Band, 'Enjoy Yourself' (JDC-0079), 'Ugly Bug Ball' (JDC-0080) and 'Himazaz' (JDC-0082).  Presumably there were others, though exactly how many is open to question.  There should at least be a JDC-001/002 single out there. The numerical series may be proper to the company through which the recordings were made, rather than to Gus itself, as JDC-0077 and 0078 appeared on the Castleton label.  There are no dates on the labels, but 'Ugly Bug Ball' had a matrix number of LYN-3562, which indicates that it was pressed by Lyntone in 1976 - the scan of that label appears by kind permission of Col. Wolfe of the site.  Callers Ron Vizard and John Chatfield (for the Ben Burpps) appear to have been active in the Brighton area, which suggests that Gus was from that part of the country. Distributed By Gus Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Not Traced GUS JDC 001/002
72 Maverick Square Dance Band Julie GUS JDC 003/004
77 Farnham Singers and the Farnham Girls' Choir Shakespeare's Songs And Sonnets CASTLETON 0077
78 Farnham Singers Girls' Choir & Patrick Nelson Farnham Singers Girls' Choir (Album) CASTLETON 0078
79 Ben Burpp's Barn Dance Band Enjoy Yourself GUS JDC 0079
80 Ben Burpp's Barn Dance Band Ugly Bug Ball GUS JDC 0080
81 Gordon Brooks / Ben Burpp'S Barn Dance Band Colour It Friendly Style GUS JDC 0081
82 Ben Burpp's Barn Dance Band Himazaz GUS JDC 0082

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