Independent label: Gull Records was Owned by Gull Entertainments Ltd and Set up in 1974 by Derek Everett, Monty Babson and David Howells, it was associated to Morgan Sound Studio, Gull had an eclectic approach to the music business, releasing albums in the areas of Folk-Rock (Steve Ashley), Jazz-Rock (Isotope, If), Kraut-Rock (Kraan) and just plain Rock (Judas Priest).  It seems somewhat odd, then, that the company's biggest-selling single should be a novelty record - 'Barbados' by Typically Tropical, which went to No.1 in 1975.  That said, Gull weren't averse to issuing the occasional novelty record in among their Pop and Disco singles.  For the first three years of the label's life its products were manufactured by Decca and Distributed by Selecta, but in July 1978 Pye took over both tasks.  The basic label design remained the same but the typefaces changed slightly and a reference to Pye replaced the reference to Decca at the bottom of the label.  Numbering was in a GULL-0 series which was basically unaffected by the changeover, though numbers seem to have jumped from GULS-47 to GULS-50 at the time; at least one Decca-era single had an 'R' added to its prefix, indicating licensing restrictions.  Gull kept going into the '80s, its releases were somewhat sporadic. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Landscape California On My Mind GULL GULS 1
74 Axe Save Me GULL GULS 2
74 Seventh Wave Metroplis GULL GULS 3
74 Brown Arthur (Crazy World Of) Gypsies GULL GULS 4
74 If Still Alive GULL GULS 5
74 Judas Priest Rocka-Rolla GULL GULS 6
74 Mallion Francis After All I'Ve Been Through GULL GULS 7
74 Everett Vince Cafe Fleur De Lis GULL GULS 8
74 Ashley Steve Fire And Wine GULL GULS 9
74 Seventh Wave Fall To See GULL GULS 10
75 Blue Mink Melting Pot  GULL GULS 11
75 Tiger Lily Monkey Jive GULL GULS 12
75 Brown Arthur (Crazy World Of) We Gotta Get Out Of This Place GULL GULS 13
75 Typically Tropical Barbados GULL GULS 14
75 Everett Vince If You DonīT Want My Love GULL GULS 15
75 Albatross Tobacco Road GULL GULS 16
75 Seventh Wave Manifestation GULL GULS 17
75 Diversions Fattie Bum Bum GULL GULS 18
75 Typically Tropical Rocket Now GULL GULS 19
75 Marvels Concerto GULL GULS 20
75 Philadelphia Society 100 South Broadway GULL GULS 21
75 Celines Half A Love GULL GULS 22
75 Captain Zero Space Walk GULL GULS 23
75 Calvery & West Ghost Song GULL GULS 24
75 Hotshots Mellow Yellow GULL GULS 25
75 Yin & Yan 12 Days Of Shristmas GULL GULS 26
76 Ashley Steve Well Well Well GULL GULS 27
76 Diversions But It Funky GULL GULS 28
76 Apple Pie & Custard Primrose Story GULL GULS 29
76 Year Of The Dragon LetīS Do The Latin Hustle GULL GULS 30
76 Judas Priest The Ripper GULL GULS 31
76 S.O.S TonightīS The Night GULL GULS 32
76 Chickadees Cow Cow Boggie GULL GULS 33
76 Everett Vince Since I DonīT Have You GULL GULS 34
76 Paul Eugene Try It GULL GULS 35
76 Cherry Jimmy Slow Burning GULL GULS 36
76 Marvels WeīLl Be Together GULL GULS 37
76 Typically Tropical Everybody Plays The Fool GULL GULS 38
76 Ryan Nick IīVe Seen It GULL GULS 39
76 Walton Ron Soul Disco GULL GULS 40
76 Rollercoster Bridlington GULL GULS 41
76 Sully Pete Play GULL GULS 42
76 Chain Reaction Never Win Never Lose GULL GULS 43
76 Marvels Take Good Care Of You For Me GULL GULS 44
76 Everett Vince Crying In The Middle Of The Night GULL GULS 45
76 Rudi & Rialtos Christmas Tears Will Fall GULL GULS 46
76 S.O.S CanīT Say No GULL GULS 47
76 Not Traced GULL GULS 48
76 Not Traced GULL GULS 49
77 Jones Harrison If I Had Wings GULL GULS 50
77 Bluebeard Captain Morgan GULL GULS 51
77 Chickadees Rum And Coca Cola GULL GULS 52
77 Chain Reaction Why CanīT We Be Lovers GULL GULS 53
77 Tiger Lily Monkey Jive GULL GULS 54
77 U.C.L.A. Do You Want To Dance GULL GULS 55
77 Jive Bureaux School Daze GULL GULS 56
77 Richardson Del Soul On Fire GULL GULS 57
77 Jive Bureaux Kiss GULL GULS 58
77 Typically Tropical Barbados GULL GULS 59
78 Chain Reaction Never Win Never Lose GULL GULS 60
78 Dougles Carol Night Fever GULL GULS 61
78 Kite  Free Fall / Lay Back GULL GULS 62
78 Eaton Cleveland Bama Boogie Woogie GULL GULS 63
78 Money Aren'T We All Searching GULL GULS 64
78 Bunny Maloney  Baby I'Ve Been Missing You GULL GULS 65
79 Rudy And The Rialtos  Week Of Love / Christmas Tears Will Fall  GULL GULS 66
79 Bromham Del Who Do You Love GULL GULS 67
79 Maloney Bunny I Just Want To Be Your Lover GULL GULS 68
79 Maria Mudie  Game Of Love / Little Darlin'  GULL GULS 69
79 Red Haggle Pipers The Scottish Dog Dance GULL GULS 70
79 Judas Priest The Ripper GULL GULS 71
80 Not Traced GULL GULS 72
80 Not Traced GULL GULS 73
80 Not Traced GULL GULS 74
84 Nightwing Treading Water GULL GULS 75
83 Judas Priest Tyrant GULL GULS 76
84 Nightwing Night Of Mystery GULL GULS 77
85 Not Traced GULL GULS 78
85 Kendalls Thank God GULL GULS 79
85 Nightwing Strangers Are Welcome GULL GULS 80
85 Black Angels Black Angels GULL GULS 81
85 Not Traced GULL GULS 82
85 Not Traced GULL GULS 83
85 Not Traced GULL GULS 84
85 Jeopardie Jeff 2468 Double 9 GULL GULS 85

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