Independent American label: GSF Records was formed by Larry Newton, ex president of ABC.  Most of its material seems to have been in a Soul / Funk vein.  It managed around a dozen singles in Britain, in a GSZ-0 series, in 1972-73, but never troubled the Chart compilers.  Manufacture and Distribution were by EMI. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Holman Stan Stranded In A Dream GSF GSZ 1
72 Staymer Hans Band Dig A Hole GSF GSZ 2
73 Quarterman Joe Free Soul So Much Trouble In My Mind GSF GSZ 3
73 Not Issued GSF GSZ 4
73 Lloyd Price Love Music GSF GSZ 5
73 Duffy Power Liberation GSF GSZ 6
73 Skull Snaps My Hang Up Is You GSF GSZ 7
73 Duffy Power River GSF GSZ 8
73 Whatnauts Instigating GSF GSZ 9
73 Francis Connie The Answer GSF GSZ 10
73 Lloyd Price Trying To Slip Away GSF GSZ 11
74 Quarterman Joe Free Soul Thanks Dad GSF GSZ 12

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