Independent American label: Grunt Records was a member of the RCA family, Grunt was owned by Jefferson Airplane / Starship and was used for that group's releases and solo projects. It started life in the summer of 1971, and, as far as Britain is concerned, issued records somewhat infrequently. Grunt enjoyed Singles Chart success in 1980, with Jefferson Starship's, 'Jane', and in 1987 with Starship's, 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' - the latter reaching the No.1 spot.  The black label was the standard design, with the position of some of the credits changing in 1975 after several years of inaction.  The 'sun' label is apparently a one-off.  Grunt's first five singles were given the same catalogue numbers as their American counterparts, initially in a 65-0500 series, latterly in the FB-10000s; a discrete but short-lived RCG-1000 series followed.  Subsequent releases used the American numbers but dropped the initial '1', FB-11196 of the USA becoming FB-1196 over here.  The FB prefix was used for singles on Windsong, Midsong, Tattoo, New York International, Soul Train and Solar Records as well as Grunt.  Distributed By RCA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Jefferson Airplane Pretty As You Feel GRUNT 65 0500
71 Papa John Creach The Janitor Drives A Cadillac GRUNT 65 0501
71 Hot Tuna Keep On Truckin' GRUNT 65 0502
71 Jack Bonus St. Louis, Missouri Boy GRUNT 65 0503
71 Papa John Creach Papa John's Down Home Blues GRUNT 65 0504
71 Jefferson Airplane Milk Train GRUNT 65 0505
72 Jefferson Airplane Long John Silver GRUNT 65 0506
72 Peter Kaukonen Dynamo Snackbar GRUNT 65 0507
72 Papa John Creach Filthy Funky GRUNT 65 0508
72 One Free Rain GRUNT 65 0509
72 Peter Kaukonen Up Or Down GRUNT 65 0510
72 Jefferson Airplane Twilight Double Leader / Trial By Fire GRUNT 65 0511
72 Joe E. "Fat Fandango" Covington Moonbeam GRUNT 65 0512
76 Not Issued GRUNT RCG 1001
76 Hot Tuna It'S So Easy GRUNT RCG 1002
75 Jefferson Starship Miracles GRUNT FB 10367
76 Jefferson Starship With Your Love / Switchblade GRUNT FB 10746
79 Jefferson Starship Count On Me GRUNT FB 1196
79 Jefferson Starship Runaway GRUNT FB 1274
78 Jefferson Starship Light The Sky On Fire GRUNT FB 1426
80 Jefferson Starship Jane GRUNT FB 1750
80 Jefferson Starship Girl With The Hungry GRUNT FB 1921

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