Independent Reggae label: Grove Music Records was run by King Sounds and Mikey Campbell from premises in Harrow Road, London W.10.  Grove Music kicked off in 1977 with GM-001 and reached GM-13 in 1978, after which point it seems to have concentrated on 12" releases.  in 1977 the company had signed a long-term pressing and distribution deal with Island Records.  It appears to have formed closer ties with Island by 1980 as its singles started sharing Island's main WIP-6000 numerical series.  Most were on the standard Island label with a Grove Music logo added, but at least one was on an actual Grove Music label - albeit one with a different label design to the '70s one. Grove Music had a Jamaican counterpart. Distributed By Island Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 King Sounds  Rock And Roll Lullaby  GROVE MUSIC GM 001
77 Sons Of Jah  Tell Them Jah Son  GROVE MUSIC GM 002
77 Ras Ibuna  Diverse Doctrine  GROVE MUSIC GM 003
77 Brown Al  They'Re Gonna Find Out  GROVE MUSIC GM 004
77 Jackson Vivian  I Love You  GROVE MUSIC GM 005
77 Mccook Tommy & Bobby Ellis  Blazing  GROVE MUSIC GM 006
78 Trinity  Jesus Dread  GROVE MUSIC GM 007
78 Mowatt Judy  Black Woman  GROVE MUSIC GM 008
78 Brimstone  Final Judgement  GROVE MUSIC GM 009
78 Michael Prophet  Fight To The Top GROVE MUSIC GM 010
78 Brown Glenmore  Father For The Living  GROVE MUSIC GM 011
78 Glen Roy Richards Wicked Can't Run Away GROVE MUSIC GM 012
78 King Sounds  To The Other Man  GROVE MUSIC GM 013
78 Brown Glenmore  All Have The Right To Live  GROVE MUSIC GM 014
80 Aswad Warrior Charge GROVE MUSIC WIP 6646
80 Aswad Babylon GROVE MUSIC WIP 6693
82 Mowatt Judy Joseph GROVE MUSIC WIP 6792
82 Tuff Tony YouŽLl Never Find GROVE MUSIC WIP 6807

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