Independent label: Greene Bottle Records was An American company, apparently part of the Famous / Gulf + Western group.  Greene Bottle was owned by Charles Greene, who acted as producer as well as label boss. The company doesn't seem to have issued more than a dozen records in the States, and it issued only two in Britain: an album by John Lee Hooker ('John Lee, Vol. 1'; GN-4002). Greene Bottle never issued any singles over here: some were planned, but never got beyond the planning stage?  it's an unusual label with an interesting design, Greene Bottle came on the scene in Britain in 1972; Famous / G+W disappeared in 1974, and Greene Bottle seems to have disappeared along with it.   Manufacture and distribution were by EMI.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Chesapeake Juke Box Band Until We Meet Again GREENE BOTTLE GBA 100
72 Candle She Only Wants To Be A Lady GREENE BOTTLE GBA 101

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