Independent Irish label: Green Cross Records managed at least seven singles. It issued singles in an GC-0 numerical series. Distributed By Grenn Cross Records. GC 7 had a Dolphin matrix number. Presumably Green Cross had linked up with that company by this point. The Dolphin singles before and after that number were by The Barleycorn as well, The Label has become Green Cross '73 for the purposes of this record (possibly due to the existence of another organisation called Green Cross.

74 Poteen Ballad Of Hugh Coney GREEN CROSS GC 1
75 Wolfhound My Little Armalite GREEN CROSS GC 2
76 Not Traced GREEN CROSS GC 3
76 The Freemen When Heroes Come Home GREEN CROSS GC 4
77 Not Traced GREEN CROSS GC 5
78 Not Traced GREEN CROSS GC 6
79 Barleycorn H. Block Long Kesh GREEN CROSS GC 7

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