Great Barr Comprehensive School Records was a DIY label. There's no actual company identification on it label. Great Barr Comprehensive School because was the organization responsible for the records and its initials form the prefix of their catalogue numbers. The records may not be  from the '70s, because there's no date on them; they could easily be from the '60s. There were at least three EPs in the series, and the sides on discs were numbered individually, the ones shown above being GBCS-3 / 4 and GBCS-5 / 6; the other EP 'Dun Lain Around', was presumably GBCS-1 and 2.  All were by the Great Barr Folk Choir, which was made up of pupils from Great Barr Comprehensive School.  The label of the first says that it was pressed by Qualiton, of Pontardawe Wales, which seems mildly odd for a Birmingham record label. Distributed By Great Barr Comprehensive School Records Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

69 Great Barr Folk Choir Dun Laid Aro Und GREAT BARR COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL GBCS 1-2
69 Great Barr Folk Choir Christmas Spiritual GREAT BARR COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL GBCS 3-4
70 Great Barr Folk Choir It All Depends GREAT BARR COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL GBCS 5-6

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