Independent American label: Grateful Dead Records served as an outlet for solo and ensemble releases by the group of that name during the mid '70s.  It appeared only briefly over here.  Despite the fact that WEA awarded it its own catalogue numbering series for its singles (K-19300) only one single was issued in that series: the Grateful Dead's 'Let Me Sing Your Blues Away' (K-19301; 1973).  Later on in the decade records on the US Grateful Dead label were licensed to United Artists in Britain; most of them appeared on the United Artists label, but one, the Dead's 'The Music Never Stopped' (UP-36030; 1975), while having a standard UA catalogue number, had a custom Grateful Dead label.  And that seems to have been the lot, as far as singles are concerned. Distributed By WEA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Grateful Dead Let Me Sing Your Blues Away GRATEFUL DEAD K 19301

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