Independent label: Grapevine Records was a A label dedicated to Soul reissues.  Grapevine was run by Soul collector John Anderson; it lasted from June 1977 to the summer of 1980, and released nearly 50 singles.  Singles were generally numbered in the GRP-100s, but there was a short-lived red-labelled RED-0 series which was devoted to modern Soul.  Disc jockey Richard Searling assisted in determining which tracks would be released; he played American imports at the Wigan Casino, and the ones which proved most popular were licensed by Grapevine. As Searling worked for RCA, it was natural that records on his label should be manufactured and distributed by that company. Distributed By RCA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Wylie Richard Rosemary What Happened GRAPEVINE GRP 100
77 Soul Twins Quick Change Artist GRAPEVINE GRP 101
77 Woodruff Stanley & U.S. Trio What Took You So Long GRAPEVINE GRP 102
77 Wright Milton & Terra Shirma Strings I Belong To You  GRAPEVINE GRP 103
79 Flaming Emeralds Have Some Everybody GRAPEVINE GRP 104
78 Collins Keanya Barnabus Collins---Love Bandit GRAPEVINE  GRP 105
78 Street Judy What GRAPEVINE GRP 106
78 Loveelites Get Him Off My Conscience GRAPEVINE GRP 107
78 Love Ronnie Let'S Make Love GRAPEVINE GRP 108
78 Smith Brothers There Can Be A Better Way GRAPEVINE GRP 109
78 Happy Cats These Boots Are Made For Walkin' GRAPEVINE GRP 110
78 Godfrey Ray Come And Get These Memories GRAPEVINE GRP 111
78 Del-Capris Hey Little Way Out GRAPEVINE GRP 112
78 Capreez How To Make A Sad Man Glad GRAPEVINE GRP 113
78 Ellingtons Destined To Become A Loser GRAPEVINE GRP 114
78 Middleton Tony Paris Blue GRAPEVINE GRP 115
78 Williams Sam Love Slipped Thru' My Fingers GRAPEVINE GRP 116
78 Bynum James Time Passes GRAPEVINE GRP 117
78 Burns Jimmy I Really Love You GRAPEVINE GRP 118
79 Parker Eddie I Love You Baby GRAPEVINE GRP 119
79 Clinton Larry She'S Wanted In Three States GRAPEVINE GRP 120
79 Michaels Cody 7 Days--52 Weeks GRAPEVINE GRP 121
79 Tamangoe'S I Really Love You GRAPEVINE GRP 122
79 Flame 'N' King Ho Happy Day GRAPEVINE GRP 123
79 Wells Bobby Be'S That Way Sometimes GRAPEVINE GRP 124
79 Boo Betty [ Us ] Say It Isn'T So GRAPEVINE GRP 125
79 Thrills Show The World Where It'S At GRAPEVINE GRP 126
79 Delites Lover GRAPEVINE GRP 127
79 Chestnut Morris Too Darn Soulful GRAPEVINE GRP 128
79 Precisions Such Misery GRAPEVINE GRP 129
79 Seventh Wonder Captain Of My Ship GRAPEVINE GRP 130
79 Soul Generation Hold On GRAPEVINE GRP 131
79 Sam & Kitty I'Ve Got Something GRAPEVINE GRP 132
79 Anderson Carol Sad Girl GRAPEVINE GRP 133
79 Hamilton Edward & Arabians Baby Don'T You Weep GRAPEVINE GRP 134
79 Greene Laura Can'T Help Loving Dat Man GRAPEVINE GRP 135
79 Williams Al I Am Nothing GRAPEVINE GRP 136
79 Ronnie And Robyn  As Long As You Love Me  GRAPEVINE GRP 137
79 Tipton Lester This Won'T Change GRAPEVINE GRP 138
79 Hambric Billy She Said Goodbye GRAPEVINE GRP 139
79 Black Nasty Cut Your Motor Off GRAPEVINE GRP 140
79 Barnes Dena If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life GRAPEVINE GRP 141
79 Agents Trouble GRAPEVINE GRP 142
79 Nabay Believe It Or Not GRAPEVINE GRP 143
79 New Wanderers This Man In Love GRAPEVINE GRP 144
79 Browne Duke Crying Over You GRAPEVINE GRP 145
80 Kaddo Strings Nothing But Love GRAPEVINE GRP 146
80 Raye Anthony Give Me One More Chance GRAPEVINE GRP 147
79 Brimstone Ingram What Happened To The Song GRAPEVINE RED 1
79 Not Issued GRAPEVINE RED 2
79 Leo'S Sunshipp Give Me The Sunshine GRAPEVINE RED 3

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