Grapedime was the vehicle for an album and a single by a band called Foxglove, so it seems reasonable to guess that it was owned by one or more of their members.  Songwriters, Phil Bray, may have been the man responsible, because someone of that name was involved in the release of several CDs by Sandy Melrose on the Grapedime Music label in the first decade of the 2000s.  As can be seen from the scan, the cutting out of the centre of the only copy of the single which Googling reveals - presumably so that the record could be used in a juke box - removed the artist and title details almost completely; but detective work revealed that the 'A' side was 'Grease Paint Cheek' and the 'B' 'Spend A Little Time'.  The catalogue number, GRS-001, and the year of issue, 1979, were happily unaffected by the excision.  There seem to be more copies of the album, 'Money To Burn' (GRLP-001), around than there are of the single; not that that's saying much.  More information or a scan of an unadulterated label would be welcome.. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Foxglove Grease-Paint Cheek GRAPEDIME GRS 001

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