Granny's Hieland Hits Records was a small independent from Scotland.  Granny's Hieland Hits seems to have managed just a solitary vinyl record, 'Argentina' b/w 'The Wild Rover' by the Culbin Forest Ceilidh Band (HOOTS-1).  There's no date on the label, but the subject matter of the song - the Scottish football team's participation in the World Cup in Argentina - pins it down to 1978.  The 'A' is Folk Rocky with a Reggaeish beat, while after an acapella start the 'B' gives 'The Wild Rover' a touch of the Status Quos; neither track really lives up to the 'Just Like Granny Used To Make' tag on the label.  The only other online reference to Granny's Hieland Hits is to a (compilation?) tape of that name attributed to 'T. Kennedy Tapes.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Culbin Forest Ceilidh Band Argentina GRANNY'S HIELAND HITS HOOTS 1

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