Independent label: Granada TV Records was a label of Granada Television.  Several TV companies tried to branch out into the area of record production, but only the BBC really made a go of it. Granada ventured into the market every now and again over the years, but it appears to have managed only a handful of albums, an EP by the cast of Coronation Street, and a couple of singles, neither of which made any impression on the Chart.  For some reason there was a gap of three years between the singles, Ken Goodwin's, 'Keep Your Heart' (GT-101) coming out in 1972, and Bernard Manning's, 'Life Is Only What You Make It' (GT-102) following in February 1975; during that time the label design changed considerably.  The Bernard Manning record was distributed by Transatlantic; thanks to the positioning of the titles any copy that had the centre pressed out would immediately have been rendered nameless. Distributed By Granada Television Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Goodwin Ken  Keep Your Heart GRANADA TV  GT 101
75 Manning Bernard   Life Is Only What You Make It GRANADA TV  GT 102

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