Independent label: Graduate Records was from Dudley, in the West Midlands, Graduate started off as an extension of David and Susan Virr's record shop business started in 1969.  Which grew, at one time, to a chain of six shops around the Midlands. They issued their first few singles in 1979, but success came in 1980 with three hit singles by U.B.40.  U.B.40 moved on to start their own label, DEP International, Distribution in 1979 was by Spartan. Distributed By Graduate Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Eazie Ryder Motorbikin' GRADUATE GRAD 1
79 Venigmas Turn The Light Out GRADUATE GRAD 2
79 Last Gang Spirit Of Youth GRADUATE GRAD 3
79 Circles Opening Up GRADUATE GRAD 4
79 Mean Street Dealers Japanese Motorbike GRADUATE GRAD 5
79 Ub40 King GRADUATE GRAD 6
80 Sussed I'Ve Got Me A Parka GRADUATE GRAD 7
80 Ub40 My Way Of Thinking GRADUATE GRAD 8
79 Jezz Woodroffe Peace In Our Space GRADUATE GRAD 9
80 Ub40 The Earth Dies Screaming GRADUATE GRAD 10
81 Chefs 24 Hours GRADUATE GRAD 11
81 China Doll China Doll GRADUATE GRAD 12
80 Bloomsbury Set This Year Next Year GRADUATE GRAD 13
82 Skat Femme Fatale GRADUATE GRAD 14
83 Ub40 Tyler GRADUATE GRAD 15
84 Whizz For Atoms That Sinking Feeling GRADUATE GRAD 16
85 Circles Circies GRADUATE GRAD 17
90 Animal Stream Cavalry Ball GRADUATE GRAD 18

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