Independent Jamaican label: Grace Records. It managed at least two singles. There's no date on the label of the this British Grace single which has 'A Mother And Son' by Rev. V. B. & The Soul Inspirators on the 'A' side and 'When This Life On Earth Is Ended' by Sister Jackson, Rev. V. B. & Choir on the 'B', but it was one of at least two Grace singles to appear in Jamaica.  The other, 'Right Glory', which was again by Rev. V. B, this time in combination with the Gospel Flames, has been dated as 1972, which suggests that this one should be from about the same period.  The Rev. V. B. made several other records for Jamaican labels; one of them, 'Message Of Pentecost' on the Myers label, was tentatively dated 1973 The catalogue number of 'A Mother And Son' (RHB-002) is the same as that of the Jamaican issue; there's no particular reason to suppose that RHB-001 (if there was one) got a British release.  The style of the title and artist credits is fairly reminiscent of those used by Pama but there's no clue on either the label or the run-off as to which firm was responsible for this issue. Distributed By Grace Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Rev. V. B. And The Soul Inspirators Right Glory GRACE RHB  001
75 Rev. V. B. And The Soul Inspirators A Mother And Son GRACE RHB  002

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