Independent label: Goodear Records was a low-profile label from the mid '70s, run by manager / producer Nigel Thomas.  Goodear could boast a number of well-known artists on its roster, notably Spooky Tooth, the Grease Band, and Carol Grimes. Viola Wills added a touch of Soul to the Rock mix, the Rats a hint of Glam; but despite some undoubted quality no Goodear single ever cracked the Charts.  Manufacture and distribution were initially (1974) by Pye, in an EAR-100 series.  The label switched to CBS in 1975; the matrix numbers are certainly in the standard CBS format, but for some reason the promos from that era are in the typical RCA style, which is slightly odd - perhaps the black labels didn't suit the usual CBS promo markings.  The label design stayed basically the same, though the position of some of the credits changed and the reference to Pye disappeared.  The catalogue numbers changed with the move: they were in a strange series at first, the first two singles being numbered EAR-1402 and EAR-1602 - there is no sign of 1502 or of any other of the missing numbers.  Soon, however, a more straightforward EAR-600 series was adopted.  There seem to have been no records issued on the Goodear label after 1975, though some a couple of Goodear products came out on Decca in 1976, presumably as the result of a licensing deal.  Carol Grimes's 'I Betcha Didn't Know That' (EAR-604; 5/75) was reissued on Decca (F-13674; 10/76); and Tundra, who had recorded a couple of singles for Goodear, went on to make an album for Decca (SKL R 5259), which came out in that same month.  Both had a credit to Goodear on the label, but no logo.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Rats Turtle Dove GOODEAR EAR 101
74 Druick &Lorange Dark End Of The Rainbow GOODEAR EAR 102
74 Wills Viola Run To The Nearest Exit GOODEAR EAR 103
74 Lockran Gerry CanīT Get The Fingerpickinī GOODEAR EAR 104
74 Grimes Carol & Delivery Give It Everything You'Ve Got GOODEAR EAR 105
74 Patton Mike Sitting In The Park GOODEAR EAR 106
74 Kelly Tony When You'Re Young GOODEAR EAR 107
74 Stainton Chris  They DonīT Know GOODEAR EAR 108
74 Spooky Tooth Two Time Lover GOODEAR EAR 109
75 Grimes Carol  Number One In My Heart GOODEAR EAR 1402
75 Wills Viola I Believe In Miracles GOODEAR EAR 1602
75 Not Issued GOODEAR EAR 601
75 Grease Band New Morning GOODEAR EAR 602
75 Harrison Mike Somewhere Over The Rainbow GOODEAR EAR 603
75 Tar Love That I Need GOODEAR EAR 604
75 Grimes Carol & Delivery Dynamite GOODEAR EAR 605
75 Tony Kelly When You're Young GOODEAR EAR 606
75 Spooky Tooth Fantasy Satisfier GOODEAR EAR 607
75 Druick &Lorange Sunday ShouldnīT Make No GOODEAR EAR 608
75 Wills Viola Day In The Life Of A Woman GOODEAR EAR 609
75 Tundra All I Need Is Your Love GOODEAR EAR 610
75 Harrison Mike We Can Work It Out GOODEAR EAR 611

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