Independent label: Good Reading company was primarily concerned with book publishing.  In 1974, however, it earned a place for itself on this site by issuing a series of items for children, each containing a simple board game and a 7" EP featuring a short story written by Betty Root.  The story came in three different forms: with 'musical punctuation', with 'music and sound description', and without music.  A fourth track offered just the music and the sound description.  Narration was provided by Derek Bowskill.  Interestingly the musical content - in the form of short illustrative pieces on concertina (?) and percussion - was supplied by Ron Geesin, whose name was spelled wrongly on the labels and the sleeves.  The records and the game were packaged in a gatefold 12" sleeve, which had the illistrated story in the centre; there seem to have been just four of them.  Catalogue numbers were in an ME-0 series, and the labels came in various colours. Distributed By Good Reading company. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Derek Bonskill And Ron Geeson The Crocadile With Toothache GOOD READING ME 1
74 Derek Bonskill And Ron Geeson The Musical Elephant GOOD READING ME 2
74 Derek Bonskill And Ron Geeson Lucy Ladybird GOOD READING ME 3
74 Derek Bonskill And Ron Geeson Smudge The Snail GOOD READING ME 4

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