Independent label: Good Earth Records was the record label of producer Tony Visconti's Good Earth studio and production company.  It first saw the light of day as a label in early 1976, previous records having been licensed out - a couple by Mary Hopkin and by Gas Works appeared on EMI's Regal Zonophone label in 1972-73.  The label registered two minor hits with its first two releases: The Surprise Sisters' 'La Booga Rooga' (GD-1; 1976) and Mary Hopkin's 'If You Love Me' (GD-2; 1976) both got into the Top 40.  The Rah Band improved on that the following year, taking 'The Crunch' (GD-7) into the Top 10, but, sadly, that was the lot as far as Good Earth's chart successes were concerned.  Billboard magazine of the 9th of April 1977 reported that the Good Earth agency offices had closed and the acts which it had managed had moved elsewhere; and by the end of 1977 the label had expired.  Manufacture and distribution were by RCA; copies of 'The Crunch' can be found with injection-moulded labels, presumably as a result of contract pressing by Phonodisc at a time of demand. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Surprise Sisters La Booga Rooga GOOD EARTH GD 1
76 Hopkins Mary If You Love Me GOOD EARTH GD 2
76 Surprise Sisters Got To Get You Into My Life GOOD EARTH GD 3
76 Gardiner Ricky Times Are Tight GOOD EARTH GD 4
76 Surprise Sisters I AinīT No Mountain GOOD EARTH GD 5
77 F.B.I [Folk Blues Inc] Fbi GOOD EARTH GD 6
77 Rah Band The Crunch GOOD EARTH GD 7
77 Buffalo Midnight Cowboy GOOD EARTH GD 8
77 Surprise Sisters Music Music GOOD EARTH GD 9
77 Omaha Sheriff Come Hell Or Water High GOOD EARTH GD 10
77 Hopkins Mary Wrap Me In Your Arms GOOD EARTH GD 11
77 Tzuke & Paxo These Are The Laws GOOD EARTH GD 12
77 Clayton Obie Blues Eyes GOOD EARTH GD 13
77 Ross Alan Get The Guns GOOD EARTH GD 14
77 Omaha Sheriff You Give Me Love GOOD EARTH GD 15

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