Independent label: Gold Records is The first and foremost of two Gold labels from the '70s.  This particular version had a simple but rather attractive appearance, which was enhanced by the gold-coloured company sleeve.  It was one of the many companies which came under the President umbrella.  Gold doesn't appear to have had leanings in the direction of any particular musical genre.  It seems to have operated from 1976 to 1982, and catalogue numbers suggest that it released around eighteen singles, though I have failed to find any previous to GD-007.  The best-known name to appear on the label was that of humorist Frank Muir, with his spoken-word tale for children, 'What-A-Mess' (GDE-11; 1977), but neither his nor any of the other Gold records ever threatened the Charts.  Numbering was in a GD-000 series; GDE-00s were EPs.  For some reason the printing on GDE-11 was in red instead of the usual black. A single with the matrix number GD-011 appeared on the 1978 version of the 'Sticky Label' label, with the catalogue number STK-500, which would fill in one of the gaps in the discography. Distributed By Rough Trade / Lightning Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Hollywood Come Up & See Me GOLD GD 007
77 Rockinī Ricky & Velvet Collars Someone Someone GOLD GD 008
77 Lane Lois He Was Beautiful GOLD GD 009
77 Tino Starsky & Hutch GOLD GD 010
77 Push Cambridge Stomp STICKY GD 011
78 Chris Corcoran  You GOLD GD 012
78 Not Traced GOLD GD 013
79 Colin Baldwin  Blow Out The Candle GOLD GD 014
79 Not Traced GOLD GD 015
79 Not Traced GOLD GD 016
79 Not Traced GOLD GD 017
82 Spes Nostra Dear John Paul GOLD GD 018
77 Stewart J J Just A Jiffy GOLD GDE 11
77 Muir Frank What-A-Mess GOLD GDE 12

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