Independent label: Gold Star Records was a Subsidiary Of Rediffusion, The Record Division Of International Library Services. Rediffusion Were Prolific Releasers Of Budget-Priced Lps; Gold Star, Which Began Life In 1974, Was Its Full-Priced Imprint.  Most Of Its Records Were Albums - Apparently Of The Kind Of Music Which Helps Keep Charity Shops Busy These Days - But A Few Singles Crept Out As Well.  It'S Quite An Attractive-Looking Label, For A Budget Company. Rediffusion Stopped Producing Records For Commercial Resale In 1982 . Distributed By Rediffusion Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Pete Moore Singers Happy Valley GOLD STAR LML 011
73 Barry Kent With The Pete Moore Orchestra Jo-Anne REDIFFUSION LML 201
74 Ronald Binge And His Romantic Strings A Flash Of Strings REDIFFUSION LML 202
74 Alan Moorhouse Big Band Same Girl, Same Place REDIFFUSION LML 203
74 George Chisholm All Stars Walk Right Up Folks / Let'S Try One REDIFFUSION LML 204
74 Street Danny Bird'S An' Bees An' Things REDIFFUSION LML 205
74 Not Traced REDIFFUSION LML 206
74 Not Traced REDIFFUSION LML 207
74 Not Traced REDIFFUSION LML 208
75 David Bailey Please Do Not Bend GOLD STAR LML 209
75 David Bailey Nor Will You Ever GOLD STAR LML 210

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