Independent label: GMC Records seems to have been the precursor of the 'NKR / New Key' label.  Its logo is in the same style, and on the run-off of this single the matrix number is given as 'NEW KEY 1'.  GMC appears to have issued just the one single.  'The Ballad Of Glencoe' on one side, credited to Nat Little with Colin Marr, and 'Country Roads' on the other, credited to Nat Little & The Knights.  The catalogue number is S-001.  There is no date on either record but New Key was active in the mid '70s, so around 1975 would be my guess.  Distributed By GMC Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Natt Little, Colin Marr And Knights Nat's Tryst GMC S 001
76 Frankie Farrell Stone In Love With You GMC NKR E.P 002

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