Independent label: GM Records. GM - deriving from 'Gaff Management' - was started by Billy Gaff, manager of Long John Baldry and Rod Stewart.  In 1971 Gaff Masters management company was going to launch GM label in 1972 and that artists involved included Atomic Rooster and Andy Bown. There must have been a change in the plans, for the new label appeared in 1973 rather than '72 and didn't release any Atomic Rooster records, though Andy Bown was responsible for the first single.  In the meantine Robert Masters had left the company, which had adopted its new and shortened name.  GM was not solely a vehicle for Gaff Management artists, though they figured prominently on its roster.  It had quite a long life, running from 1973 to 1979.  It boasted a respectable roster of artists, including some well-known names, but it only hit the singles charts twice, in 1974, with singles by ex-Face Ronnie Lane.  GM's singles were originally manufactured and distributed by Phonodisc; they had injection-moulded labels and were numbered in a GMS-000 series.  The first release had neither writer nor producer credits on it , but subsequent records were more informative.  Various colours were used: blue up to and including GMS-031, and silver from GMS-032 to GMS-036, were the main ones, but some records came in more than one colour and the occasional fawn one turned up.  There was a bit of a stutter in 1975-76, when Gaff started the Riva label up and presumably devoted most of his energies to that.  GM moved under the WEA umbrella, joining Riva there.  CBS took over manufacture and distribution; paper labels were adopted, and the design of the labels changed. The white labels remained until the end, except for the trio of GMS-9046 to 9048, which were black.  There was also a slight change in the catalogue numbers, singles gaining a '9' and becoming GMS-9000.  This GMS-9000 series reached 9052, in 1979.  WEA undertook the distribution of its own and its associated labels in the middle of 1977, and took charge of their manufacture from the start of 1978.  There appear not to have been any special demo labels as such for GM, though at least one single was made available only as a demo, with a different 'B' side to the issue, and the label of that record was marked appropriately.  Early on in the Phonogram years GM had a subsidiary label, Cherub, intended for Pop material which was considered out of place on the main label.  The existence of that subsidiary may account for the presence of the little angel on the company sleeve - although Cherub had its own company sleeve.  Distributed By Phonogram Records. GM Records Former Address: 2 New Kings Road London SW 6. and 90 Wardour Street London W1V 3LE. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Bown Andy I Won'T Let You Down GM GMS 001
73 Strider Higher & Higher GM GMS 002
73 Jagger Chris Something New GM GMS 003
73 Not Treced GM GMS 004
73 Baldry John & Lisa Strike She GM GMS 005
73 Not Traced GM GMS 006
73 Red Herring I'M A Gambler GM GMS 007
73 Stephen Time For Everyone GM GMS 008
73 Rodgers Julie I'M A Woman Now GM GMS 009
73 Leah Arise Sir Henry GM GMS 010
73 Lane Ronnie & Slim Chance How Come GM GMS 011
73 Strider Esther'S Place GM GMS 012
73 Silvester Orchestra March From Anna And The King GM GMS 013
73 Hardin Tim Darling Girl GM GMS 014
73 Baldry Long John   Let Me Pass GM GMS 015
73 Duncan Lesley Watch The Tears GM GMS 016
73 Jankel Chas One Morning One Evening GM GMS 017
74 Nicholls Billy Hopeless Helpless GM GMS 018
74 Bown Andy Ney York Satyricon Zany GM GMS 019
74 Philadelphia Flyers Hot Line GM GMS 020
74 Munro Teddy Bayswater Bedsitter GM GMS 021
74 Duncan Lesley Everything Changes GM GMS 022
74 Strider Seems So Easy GM GMS 023
74 Lane Ronnie & Slim Chance The Poacher GM GMS 024
74 Bright Red Tandem Seaside Ladies GM GMS 025
74 Philadelphia Flyers Run And Hide GM GMS 026
74 Jones Kenney Ready Or Not GM GMS 027
74 Philadelphia Flyers Run And Hide GM GMS 028
74 Rugenstein I Saw Her Standing There GM GMS 029
75 Not Traced GM GMS 030
75 Barclay Bill Twelve Days Of Christmas GM GMS 031
75 Everson Joyce To Be A Pilgrim GM GMS 032
75 Lane Ronnie  Roll On Babe GM GMS 033
75 Philadelphia Flyers L.O.V.E GM GMS 034
75 Barclay Bill AinīT Gonna Drink Nomore GM GMS 035
75 Duncan Lesley I Can See Where IīM Going GM GMS 036
75 Duncan Lesley CouldīVe Been A Winner GM GMS 9040
76 Barclay Bill Twelve Days Of Christmas GM GMS 9041
76 Mike Starrs The Will GM GMS 9042
76 Baldry Long John   This Boy In Love Again GM GMS 9043
77 Lane Ronnie & Slim Chance How Come GM GMS 9044
77 Baldry Long John   On Broadway GM GMS 9045
77 Duncan Lesley Maybe ItīS Lost GM GMS 9046
77 Studs Funky Feet GM GMS 9047
77 Duncan Lesley SkyīS On Fire GM GMS 9048
78 Duncan Lesley MagicīS Fine GM GMS 9049
78 Fulham Furies These Boots Are Made For Walkinī GM GMS 9050
78 Banks Robin Odd Job Man GM GMS 9051
79 PanīS People Club Lido GM GMS 9052

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