Independent label: Globe Records managed two singles one in the 60s The Fabulous Red Hawks - 'Mods And Rockers' b/w 'Highland Twist', and one in the 70s Lawrie Adam The Dark Island. It issued singles in an GR-000 numerical series. Distributed By Globe Records. Originally a skiffle band formed in 1958 called 'The Hawks', they won the Scottish Skiffle Championships in Stirling in 1959. After recording a couple of songs in the Kinema, they then recorded 'Mods and Rockers' / 'The Highland Twist' (as 'The Fabulous Red Hawks') in 1964 at Craighall Studios in Edinburgh. Financial disputes with their manager, Ian Burns, allegedly contributed to their demise and The Red Hawks folded around 1967 and reformed with Brian Sheridan on vocals and Gerry MacPherson on bass and renamed as The Marshmallow 400, a name that perhaps reflected the times and their sound better amongst their  contemporaries such as Marmalade. Manuel ‘Manny’ Charlton (ex Mike Satan & The Hellcats & Mark V) left in 1968 to join The Shadettes who would later become Nazareth. Band Members Were: Alan Jordan - rhythm guitar & vocals (Founder member 1958-1965) Alex Smith - tenor saxophone, flute (joined September 1958) Alan Sadler - double bass (1958) George Mason - guitar (1958) Bobby Gilfillian - washboard, drums (1958) Drew Nisbet - drums (joined 1958) Ian Burns - bass guitar (joined 1959) Beth Leitch - vocals (joined 1959) Tommy Wallace (jnr) - drums (joined October 1962) Colin Bates - electric organ (joined 1963) Walter 'Watty' Robertson - lead guitar, vocals (joined November 1963) (Manuel) Manny Charlton - guitar (1965 - 1967) Billy Hunter - trumpet (1966) Ed 'Eddie' Martin - trumpet (1966 - 1967) Brian Sheridan - vocals (joined 1967) Garry Macpherson  - bass, Managers - W Mason (George Mason's father) / Ian Burns. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Lawrie Adam The Dark Island GLOBE BEV  SP 1292

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