Independent Welsh label: Glenwood Records was associated with Cambrian Records of Pontardawe. Glenwood may perhaps have been Cambrian's English-language arm; the majority of records on the main Cambrian label were in Welsh, and the few Glenwoods are in English.  Glenwood seems to have concentrated on albums, which were numbered in a GLMP-400 series. It did however manage at least a couple of singles: Jefferson Johnson's version of 'Amazing Grace' b/w 'San Antonio Rose' (GLSP-700), and 'The Old Spinning Wheel' b/w 'Here In Frisco' by Country band Phoenix County (GLSP-701).  Both came out in 1975; the second was pressed by Orlake.  As can be seen, the label design changed between the two.  If there are any more Glenwoods out there I'd be pleased to hear about them. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Jefferson Johnson Amazing Grace GLENWOOD GLSP 700
75 Phoenix County The Old Spinning Wheel GLENWOOD GLSP 701

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