Glee Records was an American DIY label. started up by Aubrey Cagle and Johnnie James in 1960, and appears mainly to have been an outlet for Cagle's own recordings. Its sole British release came in 1978 when a revival of interest in Rockabilly led to two previously unissued tracks from 1959 being released via Rock 'n' Roll specialists Record Mart - see 'RM' for that company's main label.  Each track had its own catalogue number: the 'A' side, 'Rock-A-Billy Boy', being 10012 and the 'B' side, 'Bop "n" Stroll', 10013.  Record Mart products were usually pressed in America to give them a more authentic appearance. Distributed By Record Mart Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

60 Aubrey Cagle Blue Lonely World / Come Along Little Girl  (US)  GLEE NO 1001
60 Not Traced   GLEE NO 1002
60 Not Traced GLEE NO 1003
60 Not Traced GLEE NO 1004
61 Billy Love Oh What A Memory / Sweet Talkin  (US)  GLEE NO 1005
61 Not Traced GLEE NO 1006
61 Not Traced GLEE NO 1007
61 Not Traced GLEE NO 1008
61 Not Traced GLEE NO 1009
62 Billy Love I'll Find My Way (Back To You) / My Empty Arms (US) GLEE NO 10010
62 Not Traced   GLEE NO 10011
78 Aubrey Cagle Rock-A-Billy Boy  GLEE NO 10012
78 Aubrey Cagle Bop And Stroll GLEE NO 10013

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