Independent label: GL Records was a sub-label of RCA Records label. GL appears to have gone in for fairly lightweight Pop. Its first release, the Handley Family's 'Wam Bam' (GL-100; 3/73) just about made the Top 30 in 1973, after which the Law of Diminishing Returns seems to have set in. The label issued fewer than ten singles during its lifetime, and seems not to have survived into 1975. Distributed By RCA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Handley Family Wam Bam GL GL 100
73 Johnson Samuel I Like You Babe GL GL 101
73 Chance Trevor So Close GL GL 102
73 Rainbow Jemima GL GL 103
73 Chance Trevor Paris Song GL GL 104
74 Feminine Touch Duff Munch GL GL 105
74 Chance Trevor Down By The River GL GL 106
74 Starr Freddie You'Re The Fool GL GL 107
74 James Fairchance Border Line GL GL 108
74 Chance Trevor Where Have You Been All My Life GL GL 109

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