Independent Irish label: GI Records managed at least six single. based in Drogheda. Founded in 1978 by Arthur Walters for Spud and Kenny Ryder Superband releases. The former never materialised. Also signed The Mahers and The Dreams. It issued singles in an GI-100 numerical series. Distributed By GI Records. 

78 Spud  Molly Malone (live) / Nine Points Of Roguery GI GI  101
78 Kenny Ryder  Superband / Slowdown  GI GI  102
78 Romantiks featuring Dave Lee Said If You Needed Me / Little Queenie  GI GI  103
80 The Mahers  Get This Feelin ' GI GI  104
80 Not Traced GI GI  105
80 Dave Maher & The Maher Band White Christmas/Time To Boogie  GI GI  106
81 Pat Power & Northern Lights Trucking Song / Bright Lights Of Town  GI GI  107

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