Independent label: Ghetto Rockers will be remembered for presenting the world with the Snivelling Shits' 'Terminal Stupid', its second release (PRE-2). Initial pressings were manufactured in the UK and had paper labels. There were under 2000 of these and they are now very collectable. A second pressing quickly followed. These were manufactured in France and have plastic injection moulded labels. Apparently the record was made by music journalists as a practical joke on a rival paper, but it sounded so good that they went on to release an album.  PRE-1 was a Reggae single, 'Africa', by Rico (1977) Although the labels look hand-written they are actually printed.  Rico also had an LP, 'Man From Wareika', out on the label (PRELP-1; 1977). Snivelling Shits Lineup was Giovano Dadomo (vocals) Dave Fudger (bass) Steve Nicol (drums) Pete Makowski (guitar). Giovano Dadomo, Dave Fudger and Steve Nicol were journalists for the (now defunct) British music weekly "Sounds". Dadomo also wrote for "Zig Zag" magazine and managed to fool the NME (a rival magazine to Sounds) into giving their first record the much coveted "single of the week" accolade. The band played live only a few times (usually billed as "The Snivelling Hits" or just "The Hits") and featured different line-ups to that appearing on their debut record. They also recorded a session for John Peel (BBC Radio 1). They disbanded in 1978.  Distributed By Ghetto Rockers Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Snivelling Shits Terminal Stupid GHETTO ROCKERS PRE 2

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