Independent Reggaelabel: GG Records was part of the Trojan group.  GG records featured the productions of Alvin Ranglin, and were issued from 1970 to 1973 in a GG-4500 series.  Towards the end of its time with Trojan its labels were plain red.  Ranglin appears to have revived the label in 1976, as an independent concern; he put out at least one single using GG-3700 catalogue numbers and a plainer label design.  The label was renamed as GG's in or around 1977. Alvin 'GG' Ranglin (born 1942, Eden, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae singer and record producer. He started his GG's label in 1970 and had a big hit with "Man from Carolina" by his studio band named GG Allstars, an organ-led reworking of the Folkes Brothers hit "Oh Carolina". Distributed By Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 G.G. Allstars Music Keep On Playing GG GG 4501
70 Not Traced   GG GG 4502
70 Not Traced GG GG 4503
70 Paulette & Gee  Feel It More & More  GG GG 4504
70 Maytones  I Don'T Like To Interfere  GG GG 4505
70 Paulette & Gee  Hold On Tight  GG GG 4506
71 Ace Charlie Ontarius Version GG GG 4507
71 Maytones Cleanliness GG GG 4508
71 Not Traced GG GG 4509
71 G.G. Allstars Rocking On Thr G.G.Beat GG GG 4510
71 G.G. Allstars Lonely Nights GG GG 4511
71 Brown Trevor  Mr. Brown  GG GG 4512
71 G.G. Allstars All One Nation GG GG 4513
71 Beckford Keeling  Groove Me  GG GG 4514
71 Ace, Charley Paulette And Gee  Shock & Shake Version 3  GG GG 4515
71 Mcleash Gerald False Reaper GG GG 4516
71 Charles,Paulette & Gee Rock And Shake GG GG 4517
71 Ace Charlie Do Something GG GG 4518
71 Ethiopians Love Bug GG GG 4519
71 Maxie & Glen  Jordan River  GG GG 4520
71 Bunny & The Kilmanaires  Devil'S Angel  GG GG 4521
71 Maytones  Black And White  GG GG 4522
71 Verne And Son  Little Boy Blue  GG GG 4523
71 Slickers  Oh My Baby  GG GG 4524
71 Maytones  Bongo Man Rise  GG GG 4525
71 Gg Allstars  Rod Of Righteneous GG GG 4526
71 Invaders  I'Ve Got To Go Back Home GG GG 4527
71 Richards Cynthia  Is There A Place In Your Heart For Me  GG GG 4528
72 Holt John  Keep It Up  GG GG 4529
72 Maytones  Donkey Face  GG GG 4530
72 Maytones  As Long As You Love Me (Side One) GG GG 4531
72 Dyce Billy  Be My Guest  GG GG 4532
72 Ethiopians  Israel Want To Be Free  GG GG 4533
72 Dyce Billy  Take Warning  GG GG 4534
72 Romeo Max  Is It Really Over  GG GG 4535
72 Dice Billy  Undying Love  GG GG 4536
72 Dice Billy  Time Is Still Here  GG GG 4537
72 Alcapone Dennis  Musical Alphabet  GG GG 4538
73 Mccook Tommy & Bobby Ellis  Bad Cow Skank GG GG 4539
72 Matumbi Brother Louie  GG GG 4540
76 Mighty Maytones Madness GG GG 3718

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