Independent label: GFR Records no company name on the label, but as its catalogue number was GFR-001 I have taken the prefix as being the label's name, which may not in fact be the case.  That record was the one shown above, an EP, 'Opening Gambit', by Singer / Songwriter Steve Chilcott.  As the label details indicate, it was recorded in Manchester; at Smile Sudios, which had its own 'Smile' label.  There was a second GFR record, 'Planxty Irwin' (GFR-002; S82-CUS-471), which was pressed by SRT and came out in 1982.  That had a gypsy caravan on the label, so perhaps the 'G' stood for 'Gypsy'. Distributed By GFR Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Steve Chilcott Opening Gambit GFR GFR 001
82 Steve And Les Chilcott Planxty Irwin GFR GFR 002

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