GEORGE PHILIP & SON Records was a record label of a long-established firm of publishers, based in London.  The firm of George Philip was established in 1834; its business was in maps and books, but in the 1970s it included a 7" vinyl record with one of those books and thus earned itself a place on this site.  The book in question appears to have been called 'Shakespeare's England' - at least, that's the title of the EP.  The first side offered some pieces of Elizabethan music, with a description of the instruments upon which they were played; the second, 'London 1600', had examples of the kind of sounds that might have been heard in the city at the time, readings from what are presumably people's written impressions of the city, and some dialogue.  The EP dates from 1974, and its catalogue number, PCO-91 (it should be PC-091), comes from a series that was used by Procaudio Ltd Records. . Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Unknown Artists Shakespeare's England GEORGE PHILIP & SON PCO 91

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