Independent label: Genie Records 'Music With A Touch Of Magic' as the slogan has it - appears to have been a division of music publishing firm Barrester. The label issued at least three singles, all of them in December 1976.  Barrester handled the marketing itself, distribution was by Lightning.  It seems possible that the catalogue numbers started at RWS-0371 - there are too few Genie singles around for it to have started at RWS-0000, or even RWS-0300 - RWS-0371 was  Guy Steel's 'Stop The Wedding', which came out on Ruby Records in January 1976, Barrester had made a previous foray into the record-making business in 1971 with their BMC label; while records on Genie are more common than ones on BMC they still don't surface very often. Distributed By Lightning Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Guy Steel Stop The Wedding GENIE RWS  0371
76 Norman Wisdom  Do You Believe In Christmas GENIE RWS  0372
76 Scorry Band Scorry GENIE RWS  0373
76 Soho Group Sunhill GENIE RWS  0374

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