Independent label: GEM Records was a Sub-label of RCA Records. Gem offered a varied bill of fare, from the Disco of Patrick Hernandez to the Punk of the V.I.P.s; its biggest singles act were the U.K. Subs, who took it into the chart six times between 1979 and 1981. Numbering was in the GEMS-0s. Gem was linked with the Aquarius label: at first the Aquarius logo appeared on the appropriate records, but soon a fully-fledged Gem Aquarius label was used. Distributed By RCA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Lindsey Jimmy Ain'T No Sunshine GEM GEMS 1
79 Wade Bryan Only Me GEM GEMS 2
79 Howell Eddie  Six White Horses GEM GEMS 3
79 Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive GEM AQUARIUS GEMS 4
79 U.K Subs Stranglehold GEM GEMS 5
79 Howell Eddie  This Could Be You  GEM GEMS 6
79 Gardner & Boult Hollywood GEM GEMS 7
79 Wallenstein Charline GEM GEMS 8
79 Jimmy Lindsay Where Is Your Love GEM GEMS 9
79 U.K Subs Tomorrow'S Girl GEM GEMS 10
80 Captain Zorro Phantasm GEM GEMS 11
80 Lane Ronnie Kirchty Rye GEM GEMS 12
80 Patrick Hernandez You Turn Me On GEM AQUARIUS GEMS 13
80 U.K Subs She'S Not There GEM GEMS 14
80 Silver Jimmy Skin Talk & Body Talk GEM GEMS 15
80 Gardner & Boult Magic Eyes GEM GEMS 16
80 Morgan Bob Marguerite GEM GEMS 17
80 Circus Song On The Wind GEM GEMS 18
80 Lane Ronnie One Step Two Step GEM GEMS 19
80 Movies Love Is A Sacrifice GEM GEMS 20
80 Sheeba Woman Without Love GEM GEMS 21
80 Killermeters Twisted Wheel GEM GEMS 22
80 U.K Subs Warhead GEM GEMS 23
80 Midinite Love Comes Love Grows GEM GEMS 24
80 V.I.P.S Causing Complications GEM GEMS 25
80 Patrick Hernandez Back To Boogie GEM AQUARIUS GEMS 26
80 Howell Eddie  Hatcheck Girl GEM GEMS 27
80 Hillier Lyn Love Is Bad For Your Health  GEM GEMS 28
80 Movies Have Another Body GEM GEMS 29
80 U.K Subs Teenage GEM GEMS 30
80 Indicators Modern Love GEM GEMS 31
80 Cool Notes Sugar Sugar GEM GEMS 32
80 Lindsey Jimmy I Wanna Dance  GEM GEMS 33
80 Samson Vice Versa GEM GEMS 34
80 Harper Charlie Barmy London Army GEM GEMS 35
80 Praying Mantis Praying Mantis GEM GEMS 36
80 Canis Major Freeway Rock GEM GEMS 37
80 Samson Hard Times GEM GEMS 38
80 V.I.P.S The Quarter Moon GEM GEMS 39
80 Howell Eddie  Sitting In The Cafe GEM GEMS 40
80 Lindsey Jimmy It'S Hard For Dread GEM GEMS 41
80 U.K Subs Party In Paris GEM GEMS 42
80 V.I.P.S I Need Somebody To Love GEM GEMS 43
80 I Shinko Shining GEM GEMS 44
81 U.K Subs Keep Runnin' GEM GEMS 45
80 Knox She'S So Good Looking GEM GEMS 46
81 V.I.P.S Thing'S Ain'T What GEM GEMS 47
81 U.K Subs Keep Runnin' GEM GEMS 48

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