Independent label: Gem Aquarius Records was a co-operation between the Gem and Aquarius companies which yielded three singles and an album, all by Patrick Hernandez.  The first Gem Aquarius single, Hernandez's Top 10 hit 'Born To Be Alive' (GEMS-4; 5/79) merely had an Aquarius logo on a standard Gem label but the second, which was made with the assistance of Herve Tolance and was called 'You Turn Me On' (GEMS-13; 11/79), had a proper Gem Aquarius. The third, 'Back To Boogie' (GEMS-26; 4/80) can be found with both Gem Aquarius and plain Gem labels, in its 12" form at least - all three were released as 12" Disco singles as well as 7"s.  The singles were numbered in Gem's GEMS-0 series. Manufacture and distribution were by RCA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive GEM AQUARIUS GEMS 4
80 Patrick Hernandez You Turn Me On GEM AQUARIUS GEMS 13
80 Patrick Hernandez Back To Boogie GEM AQUARIUS GEMS 26


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