Independent label: Gaslight Records or possibly Gas Light  was owned by London Weekend Television, and that in 1978 LWT picked up on a Reggae-flavoured demo of a song called 'The Yob' which Roger Mealey and Patrick Costello had recorded in 1969 and released it as GAS-005.  There were at least six other singles. Distributed By Gaslight Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Occult Punk Band Happy With My Life GASLIGHT GAS  001
78 Shortz Legs GASLIGHT GAS  002
78 Tina A King Is Born GASLIGHT GAS  003
78 James Kean Lana GASLIGHT GAS  004
79 Knuckle Dusters The Yob GASLIGHT GAS  005
79 Martin Harvey Nessun Dorma GASLIGHT GAS  006
79 B-B-B-Bears Broken Down Clown GASLIGHT GAS  007

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