Independent label: A Folk label, from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Galliard Records started issuing records in 1969; it managed more than twenty issues before expiring, which it appears to have done in 1975.  Most of its records were albums but there was at least six singles among them.  One single was spilt between Geordie's Penkers ('The Iron Road') and Mike Donald (Land Of The Pennine God'); it had a catalogue number of GALL-4023 and it was released in 1975 to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Stockton & Darlington railway.  Albums and singles alike were numbered in the GAL-4000s. The Tristram Cary reportedly has an instrumental piece for flute and two tape recorders on one side and an avant garde electronic piece on the other, which is unusual.. Distributed By Galliard Records. Galliard records Former Address: Queen Anne's Road Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

69 Harvey'S People Loving & Living The Songs Of Sister Estelle (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4001
69 The Sowers Seeds (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4002
69 Sacred Heart Choir With Eileen Greaves When The Mood Of The Music Changes (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4003
69 Agnellus Nadrew Ofm New Form Of Mass (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4004
70 Mavis Beattie, Eileen Greaves And Peter Lewis Six Action Songs For Children. GALLIARD  GAL 4005
70 Tristram Cary 345 A Study In Limited Resources GALLIARD  GAL 4006
70 Tristram Cary Narcissus GALLIARD  GAL 4007
70 Various Artists Making A Noise In Church GALLIARD  GAL 4008
70 Jackie And Bridie The Perfect Round (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4009
70 Jackie And Bridie Cathedral In Our Time / Lord Of The Dance GALLIARD  GAL 4010
70 Moshe Sephula With All-Star Africa Band, The Sing, Africa! (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4011
71 David Johnston And Daphne Ibbott Strings In The Earth And Air (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4012
71 Maria Illo Revolution Come The Spring (Ep) GALLIARD  GAL 4013
71 Arthur Scholey & Donald Swann The Song Of Caedmon (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4014
71 Common Round Fourpence A Day (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4015
71 Peter Smith With The Common Round Faith, Folk & Festivity (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4016
72 Bob* And Carole Pegg With Sydney Carter And Now It Is So Early (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4017
72 Jeremy Taylor Piece Of Ground (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4018
72 Jacqui And Bridie Next Time Round (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4019
72 Mike Donald North By North East (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4020
73 Christopher Rowe & Ian Clark Patterns Of A Journey (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4021
73 Donald Swann The Rope Of Love (Album) GALLIARD  GAL 4022
75 Geordie'S Penkers The Iron Road GALLIARD  GALL 4023

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