Independent label: Gale Records was owned by Len Hawkes and Alan Blakley of the Tremeloes.  It started out as a publishing company in the late 1960s, and expanded to cover management and record production.  The record label was a late development, coming on the scene in the Summer of 1979; previously the production company had placed its material with other labels - half a dozen singles by Dolphin appeared on Private Stock.  Just one Gale single came out in the '70s, Alvin Stardust's version of 'Shakin' All Over' b/w 'I Gotta Gotta' (GALE-1); around half a dozen more followed in 1980-81, along with an EP, a couple of LPs and a 10" EP / LP hybrid.  There seems to have been a gap of ten months of so between the release of the first and second singles, which suggests some kind of mild hiatus; the first album (by Stepaside) had been recorded by the end of September 1979 but it and the single taken from it weren't released until several months later.  By that time the design had received a makeover: 'Gale Records' had shortened to 'Gale' and had changed font; attractive paper labels had replaced the dull injection moulded ones; and a company sleeve had been provided. Distributed By Gale Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Alvin Stardust's  Shakin' All Over GALE GALE 1
80 Stepaside Sit Down And Relapse / Mail Order Love  GALE GALE 2
80 C.T.A.-102 More Strangers / A Thousand Days  GALE GALE 3
80 The Furey Brothers And Davey Arthur The Green Fields Of France GALE GALE 4
80 Dolphin Hey Joe GALE GALE 5
80 Junior Campbell Highland Girl GALE GALE 6
80 Stepaside Last Resort/Give Me Something GALE GALE 7
81 Junior Campbell Collection (10") GALE MS 01
81 Black Cat Queen Of The Hop GALE MS 02

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