Galaxy Records was owned by Ashtree Holdings (Eire) Ltd. Galaxy Records products varied from the poetry of Pam Ayres to the cast recording of the African musical Ipi Tombi, but in general it seems to have had a rather middle-of-the-road slant - Lena Zavaroni and the Bachelors both made records for the label.  Singles were given a GY-100 numerical series; the numbers appear to have jumped from GY-119 to GY-150 at the time of the move to CBS.  No Galaxy single ever slipped into the Top 75, but the Pam Ayres LPs sold well enough at the time to be quite commonly found in charity shops nowadays.  Galaxy issued its first 7" in 1975; it doesn't seem to have survived far into the 1980s. The President  and CBS issues had basically the same design, but there were several differences in layout. Distributed By President and CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Ipi Tomb1 Ipi Tombi GALAXY GY 100
75 Vernons Mama Tembu´S Wedding GALAXY GY 101
75 Zavaronis Turnin´Off A Memory GALAXY GY 102
75 Afric Simome Ramaya GALAXY GY 103
75 Twinkle Terry GALAXY GY 104
75 Grayhound Express Easy Lovin´Lady GALAXY GY 105
76 1776 Oh Suzanna GALAXY GY 106
76 Not Traced GALAXY GY 107
76 Not Traced GALAXY GY 108
76 Gammon Patrick Party Hardy GALAXY GY 109
76 Ford Billy Twilight Time GALAXY GY 110
76 Scott Tom T Candy Kisses GALAXY GY 111
77 Not Traced GALAXY GY 112
77 Bachelors Torn Between Two Lovers GALAXY GY 113
77 Zavaroni Air Love Air Love GALAXY GY 114
77 Budd Katie Don´T Cry Your Tears For Me GALAXY GY 115
77 Cameron Etta Wild Widow GALAXY GY 116
77 Bachelors Save The Last Dance For Me GALAXY GY 117
77 Skid I Saw Her Standing There GALAXY GY 118
77 Doyle Danny Whiskey On A Sunday GALAXY GY 119
77 Danny Doyle The Rare Old Times GALAXY E 100
78 Danny Doyle Old Dublin Town / Bells of the Morning GALAXY E 101
78 Zavaroni Lena I Should´Ve Listened To Mama GALAXY GY 150
78 Evans Tony Best Time Of My Life GALAXY GY 151
78 Alfred & Donald Up Town Top Rankin GALAXY GY 152
78 Singana Margaret I Surrender GALAXY GY 153
78 Twinkle Terry GALAXY GY 154
78 Luv Bug Love Symphony GALAXY GY 155
78 Harris Anita After The Ball GALAXY GY 156
79 Ronnie Jack You Are No Angel GALAXY GY 157
78 Carson Frank Ip Dip Chibberdy Dip GALAXY GY 158
79 Not Traced GALAXY GY 159
79 Zavaroni Lena Somewhere South Of Mecon GALAXY GY 160
79 Bachelors Travelin´Home GALAXY GY 161
79 Doyle Danny Susan GALAXY GY 162
80 Zavaroni Lena Jump Down Jimmy GALAXY GY 163
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 164
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 165
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 166
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 167
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 168
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 169
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 170
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 171
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 172
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 173
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 174
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 175
80 Not Traced GALAXY GY 176
80 Zavaroni Lena Will He Kiss Me Tonight GALAXY GY 177

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