Independent Reggae label: Galactic Records appears to have issued at least seven singles during 1978-79, The majority of them were in 12" form, but there was at least one 7". 'Sound Of Silence' by Honeyboy (GAL-007; 1979). Distributed By Spartan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Bunny Taylor  Just The Way You Are (12") GALACTIC  GALD 001
77 Chalice  I'M Gonna Get You  (12") GALACTIC  GALD 002
77 Not Traced GALACTIC  GALD 003
77 Reality Band  Step Into My Life  (12") GALACTIC  GALD 004
78 Not Traced GALACTIC  GALD 005
78 Not Traced GALACTIC  GALD 006
78 Bunny Taylor  Sounds Of Silence GALACTIC  GAL 007

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