Gaffa Records was a DIY label. dedicated to records by the band of that name.  It issued at least two singles in 1979, 'Heart Of Stone' (ZZZZS-001) and 'Attitude Dancing' (ZZZZS-002), and another, 'Man With A Motive' (ZZZZS-003) in August 1980.  Manufacture was by Rediffusion; distribution by Pinnacle.  Gaffa (the group) had previous form: they had had an EP out in 1977, on the Cleverly Brothers label ('Normal Service', CBM-002), and a couple of EPs on Next in 1978.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Gaffa  Heart Of Stone GAFFA ZZZZS  001
79 Gaffa  Attitude Dancing  GAFFA ZZZZS  002
79 Gaffa  Man With A Motive GAFFA ZZZZS  003

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