Independent label: G. Whizzard Records was owned by Douglas Maxwell.  Its main line of business was book publishing; records on the G. Whizzard label - there seem to have been two of them - were given away with books, rather than sold.  The books in question were 'Farmer Fisher' and 'Farmer Fisher's Russian Holiday', both of which were by author Jonathon Coudrille, who supplied a couple of songs to go with each; the single pictured above, 'Farmer Fisher' (WHIZZO-100; 1975) came with the 'Farmer Fisher' book.  Presumably the single which accompanied the 'Russian Holiday' book was WHIZZO-101.  Jonathon Xavier Coudrille (born Jonathan Coudrill is an English artist, musician and writer. Born in November 1945 in Birmingham. His second book Farmer Fisher (1975) was a best seller, winning the UK Children's Book of The Year award in 1976.[10] Farmer Fisher is thought to have been the first picture book on the UK market to include a record (7-inch vinyl disc). It was republished in 1978 by Puffin Books, and in 010 by Footsteps Press. Distributed By G. Whizzard Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Jonathon Coudrille Farmer Fisher G. WHIZZARD WHIZZO 100
75 Jonathon Coudrille Russian Holiday G. WHIZZARD WHIZZO 101

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