Fuzz Records was a DIY label. There were two Fuzz labels in the 1970s.  This one, the earlier of them, was conceived and born in Holmwood House School, Colchester.  Both sides of the Kevin Rothero single featured songs from the School production of a musical, 'Sweet Dreams', which had been co-written by Trevor Huggons and David Wenden, who was one of the masters at the school.  The record was pressed in response to airplay of the song 'Where am I going?' on the BBC Home Service, who played it at 6.00 and 7.00 am on the local farming programme!  they thought that the humble school play was going global, but of course it didn't and they gave most of the copies away to charity for use on tombolas.  The label was used once more some ten or so years later to record a song called 'Goldfinches', again a school initiative, but it did not go anywhere.   The name was inspired by the fact that the school headmaster was nicknamed 'Pad', as in 'Brillopad', because of his wiry hair, and they decided that as he had funded the project his name should be on the label.  Hence the use of yet another nickname, albeit tenuous - 'Fuzz' was born. the catalogue number, LYN-3327, shows, the single was pressed by Lyntone.  The second Fuzz single, 'Goldfinches' b/w 'Brotherhood' by Baker's Dozen, came out in 1979 and was another Lyntone pressing; it was numbered LYN-6099. David Wenden went on to write several more plays, and he eventually become one of the UK's foremost teachers of dramatic art. Distributed By Fuzz Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Rothero Kevin Where Am I Going FUZZ LYN 3327 / LYN 3328
79 Baker's Dozen Goldfinches FUZZ LYN 6099 / LYN 6100

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