Independent label: Fusion Records was a subsidiary of Rediffusion, dating from 1979.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Fusion released at least three singles, using an FUS-000 numbering series, but there's no trace of FUS-002.  The two that exist are both by Robert Rigby. 'Let The Music Play' (FUS-001; 9/79), and 'Nativity Song' (FUS-003; 11/79) were from his musical 'Rock Star', which was based on the Christmas story.  The album of the musical also came out on Fusion: it was numbered FUS-7000 and appeared in the same year.  The labels claim that manufacture, marketing and distribution were by Rediffusion The singles was pressed by Lyntone. Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Robert Rigby Let The Music Play FUSION FUS 001
79 Not Issued FUSION FUS 002
79 Robert Rigby Nativity Song FUSION FUS 003

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