Independent label: Fury Records was a short-lived label started by Billy Fury's manager Hal Carter.  Fury put out a handful of singles, through Pye, among which were a couple by Shane Fenton, the artist soon to be known as Alvin Stardust.  One, 'Eastern Seaboard' was credited to Fenton himself (FY-305); the other, 'The Fly' was attributed to Jo Jo Ellis (FY-302).   The label was operative from  1971 to 1972.  It managed five singles. It issued singles in an FY-300 numerical series. Distributed By Fury Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Fury Billy Will The Real Man Stand Up FURY FY 301
71 Ellis Jo-Jo The Fly FURY FY 302
72 Atlantis I Ain'T Got Time FURY FY 303
72 Johnny Hackett Raincoats On The River FURY FY 304
72 Fenton Shane & Fentones Eastern Seaboard FURY FY 305

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