Independent label: FunkA&Merica Records is debatable whether it's actual label as such, but it had its own dedicated label design and sleeve so I've decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.  From the summer of 1978 for a period of around twelve months an occasional series of records were released by A&M under the 'FunkA&Merica' banner.  Most of them were three-track maxi-singles but a few only had two tracks.  There was a matching 12" series, which had the same numbers but AMSP prefixes.  The name tells you what the music on the records was like.  The sleeves had the same basic design, but each one listed the titles that were on the single and featured a picture of the group.  Catalogue numbers were taken from the main A&M AMS-7000 series.  I think that the discography below lists all of the '70s releases but I'm open to correction.  FunkA&Merica was revived in 1982 for a short period, with the same design of label and sleeves; catalogue numbers for those singles were in the USA-2200s (USAF-2200s for 12"). Distributed By A & M Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Gap Mangione Time Of The Season  FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7377
78 L.T.D. Holding On (When Love Is Gone)  FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7378
78 The Brothers Johnson* Ain't We Funkin' Now   FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7379
78 Atlantic Starr Gimme Your Luvin'   FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7380
78 Quincy Jones Love I Never Had It So Good FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7385
78 The Brothers Johnson* Ride-O-Rocket   FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7400
78 Atlantic Starr Stand Up FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7401
79 The Brothers Johnson* It's You Girl   FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7410
79 Atlantic Starr (Let's) Rock 'N' Roll FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7452
79 L.T.D. Dance 'N' Sing 'N' FUNKA&MERICA AMS 7458

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