Independent label: Full Moon Records was owned by Irving Azoff.  It started life in 1974 in the USA, and to begin with was mainly a vehicle for records by Dan Fogelberg.  Initially linked to Epic Records, it moved to the Warner group in 1980 and looks to have disappeared in the early 1990s. As far as Britain is concerned, Full Moon seems to have come on the scene rather late, in 1977.  It didn't issue many singles in the '70s and only really got into its stride in the '80s, when it hit the Charts with three singles by Chicago and one each by Dan Fogelberg and Peter Cetera. Epic-era singles shared an EPC-0000 series with those of Epic; Warner-era singles came with both paper and injection-moulded forms and shared K-19000 and W-8000 series with Warner Brothers's. Distributed By Epic Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Dan Fogelberg Love Gone By FULL MOON  S EPC 5379
77 Dan Fogelberg Nether Lands FULL MOON  S EPC 5483
77 Coalkitchen Fallin' In Love FULL MOON  S EPC 5685
78 Dan Fogelberg Tell Me To My Face FULL MOON  S EPC 6707
79 Dan Fogelberg / Tim Weisberg The Power Of Gold FULL MOON  S EPC 6905
79 Dan Fogelberg Beggar's Game (Short Version) FULL MOON  S EPC 8154
79 Dan Fogelberg Begger'S Game FULL MOON  S EPC 8554
79 Dan Fogelberg Heart Hotels FULL MOON  S EPC 8729
79 Dan Fogelberg  Longer FULL MOON  S EPC 8230
81 Dan Fogelberg Hard To Say FULL MOON  EPC A 1635
81 Dan Fogelberg Same Old Lang Syne FULL MOON  EPC A 1787
81 Dan Fogelberg Leader Of The Band FULL MOON  EPC A 2098
81 Dan Fogelberg The Language Of Love FULL MOON  A 4237
81 Dan Fogelberg Same Old Lang Syne FULL MOON  A 4947

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