Independent label: Fuck Off Records founded in 1979 by Keith Dobson (also known as Kifkif Le Batteur) and Jonathan Barnett which issued records and cassettes from 1979-82.  Most of Fuck Off's products date from the '80s, but it managed one 7" record - out of a total of three - in 1979.  The record in question was a Various Artists EP entitled 'Weird Noise', and it featured tracks by The 012 ('Fish From Tahiti'), Danny & The Dressmakers ('Cathy and Clare', 'The Truth About Unemployment', 'Legalize Vimto', 'Hey Ho' and 'Don't Make Another Bass Guitar'), The Sell-Outs ('The Ballad Of Fuck Off Records'), The Door & The Window ('Number One Entertainer') and Instant Automatons ('Electronic Music'), who collectively have been described as 'The finest advocates of tuneless bashing in the late '70s underground'.  It issued singles in an FEP-000 numerical series. Distributed By Fuck Off Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Various Artists Weird Noise EP FUCK OFF FEP 001
80 Various Artists Street Level EP FUCK OFF FEP 002
82 Blue Midnight / All-Stars One Million Hamburgers FUCK OFF FEP 003

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