Independent label: Fried Egg Records was a record label set up in 1979 by Andy Leighton, administrator of the Bristol based Crystal Theatre. Fried Egg issued at least twelve singles during the period 1979-81, using an EGG-000 numerical series.  At least two other companies used a picture of a fried egg on their label: Spiegelei (from Germany) in 1972, and Concord in 1973.  The Wings single, 'Old Siam Sir', on Parlophone (R-6026; 1979) did likewise.  What the attraction was, goodness only knows. Fried Egg Records Former Address: 85 Ashley Road Montpelier Bristol, 6. Distributed By Revolver and Rough Trade Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Shoes For Industry Falling In Love Again FRIED EGG EGG 001
79 Wild Beasts Minmum Maximum FRIED EGG EGG 002
79 Fans Giving Me That Look FRIED EGG EGG 003
79 Shoes For Industry Spend FRIED EGG EGG 004
80 Pete Brandt'S Method Positive Thinking FRIED EGG EGG 005
80 Sting-Rays Countdown FRIED EGG EGG 006
80 Art Objects Hard Objects FRIED EGG EGG 007
80 Exploding Seagulls Johnny Runs For Paregoric FRIED EGG EGG 008
81 Various Artists The Original Mixed-Up Kid FRIED EGG EGG 009
81 Fans You Don'T Live Here FRIED EGG EGG 010
81 Untouchables Keep On Walking FRIED EGG EGG 011
81 Electric Guitars Health FRIED EGG EGG 012

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