Fresh Records was an independent label from  1979 to 1982. Fresh's roots lay in Alex Howe's 'Wretched Records' stall, in Soho market. The stall developed to become first a mail-order business and later a record distributor; finally Howe started his own record label, Fresh.  Fresh soon merged with Alan Hauser's 'Parole Records', which provided a boost to its roster of artists.  It issued at least forty-six singles and a dozen LPs, which was good going for an independent in those days. The company used a FRESH-0 catalogue series for its singles, though those for which it was jointly responsible with Parole had dual FRESH-0 and PURL-0 numbers.  Prominent among Fresh's acts were the Cuddly Toys, Dark and UK Decay, all of whom recorded more than one single for the label.  Some singles were injection-moulded, others had white or orange-coloured paper labels with black lettering. Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Family Fodder Playing Golf FRESH PURL / FRESH 001
79 Dark My Friends FRESH FRESH 002
79 Art Attacks Punk Rock Stars FRESH FRESH 003
79 Terri & Terrors Laugh At Me FRESH FRESH 004
79 Second Layer Flesh As Property [ Ep] FRESH FRESH 005
79 Metrophase In Black FRESH FRESH 006
79 Torme Bernie Band All Day And All Of The Night FRESH PURL / FRESH 007
80 Family Fodder Warm FRESH PURL / FRESH 008
80 Family Fodder Sunday Girl FRESH FRESH 009
80 Cuddly Toys Madman FRESH FRESH 010
80 Four Kings Loving You Is No FRESH PURL / FRESH 011
80 U.K Decay For My Country FRESH FRESH 012
80 Dark Hawaii Five-O FRESH FRESH 013
80 Menace The Young Ones FRESH FRESH 014
80 Family Fodder Deborah Harry FRESH FRESH 015
80 Manufactured Romance The Time Of My Life FRESH FRESH 016
80 Wall Ghetto FRESH FRESH 017
80 They Must Be Russians Don'T Try To Cure Yourself FRESH FRESH 018
80 Big Hair                 Puppet On A String FRESH FRESH 019
80 Cuddly Toys Astral Joe FRESH FRESH 020
81 Dumb Blondes Strange Love FRESH FRESH 021
81 Family Fodder Savoir Faire FRESH FRESH 022
81 Igloos Wolf FRESH FRESH 023
81 Dark Einstein'S Brain FRESH FRESH 024
81 Cuddly Toys Someone'S Crying FRESH FRESH 025
81 U.K Decay Unexpected Guest FRESH FRESH 026
81 Wall Hobby For A Day FRESH FRESH 027
81 J.Cs Main Men Splender Splash FRESH FRESH 028
81 Play Dead Poison Takes Hold FRESH FRESH 029
81 Wasted Youth Rebecca'S Room FRESH FRESH 030
81 Wilko Johnson Casting My Spell On You FRESH FRESH 031
81 Family Fodder Film Music Room FRESH FRESH 032
81 U.K Decay Sexual  FRESH FRESH 033
81 Beasts In Cages          M+D64Y Choo Ca Choo FRESH FRESH 034
81 Dark On The Wires FRESH FRESH 035
81 Chron Gen Puppets Of War [ Ep ] FRESH FRESH 036
81 Family Fodder Schizophrenia Party [ Ep ] FRESH FRESH 037
81 Play Dead T.V. Eye FRESH FRESH 038
82 Cuddly Toys It'S A Shame FRESH FRESH 039
82 Dexter Levi I Get So Excited FRESH FRESH 040
82 Yobs Yobs On 45 FRESH FRESH 041
82 Family Fodder The Big Dig FRESH FRESH 042
82 Goat Goat (12") FRESH FRESH 043
82 Unreleased FRESH FRESH 044
82 Unreleased FRESH FRESH 045
82 Dark The Masque FRESH FRESH 046

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