Fresh Hold Releases Records was a DIY label from 1979-80.  Fresh Hold Releases was based in Hornsey.  It issued two three-track maxi-singles / EPs by a duo called Take It, the first of which featured 'Man Made World', 'Taking Sides' and 'How It Is (Version)'.  That record came out in November 1979, and had a catalogue number of TR-1.  Another three-tracker followed in 1980, and was numbered FHR-1.  Tracks on that disc were 'Twenty Lines', 'Armchairs' and 'Trends And Relations'.  Presumably the group owned the label.  Records was pressed in France - a common practise for small concerns at that time.. Distributed By Fresh Hold Releases Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Take It Man Made World FRESH HOLD RELEASES TR 001
80 Take It Twenty Lines FRESH HOLD RELEASES FHR 001

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